A clean dryer with benefits

With energy efficiency becoming more of a concern for home owners these days, there are an abundance of tips out there to help you get the most for your money while saving energy. But something that you might not have thought of is keeping your dryer clean.

Aside from emptying out the lint trap, we don’t typically think of the dryer as something we need to clean. However, your dryer will last longer, produce better results and be a safer appliance altogether if you follow a few simple suggestions from our team of experts.

Clean the lint filter (or trap) after every load of laundry. If this isn’t cleaned regularly, your drying time increases and increased drying time wastes hydro. Wasted hydro is also a waste of money. You get the point.

You should also be sure to clean the duct that leads from your dryer to the outside at least once a year. Lint tends to accumulate in this duct as well and we often forget about cleaning it. Accumulated duct lint also causes an increase in drying times and can also pose a potential fire hazard.

Of course, having an energy efficient dryer in the first place will also help you save energy, so for more information on the best dryers for your lifestyle, visit www.scratchanddent.ca or stop by the store at 407 Gage Avenue, Unit #4 in Kitchener. A friendly staff member would be happy to help you or take your questions at 519-743-3623.