A laundry detergent for each item

Laundry detergent has one job – to clean your clothes. But, there is not a single detergent that can do this job for every piece of clothing you put into the washing machine, let alone the towels, sheets, rugs and coats, too. This is something that many people are not aware of and they end up having ruined items after only a few washes because they use the same detergent for everything they throw in the washer.

But just like different type of hair and skin require different types of shampoo and moisturizer, so too, different types of fabrics require different types of detergent. And choosing the right detergent will help preserve the quality of your clothes and other items.

In addition, if there are stains on your clothes, than there’s still another treatment that’s required – a stronger one than most regular detergents can offer, which is why stains don’t typically come out with simple washing. But you cannot put these stronger detergents in with other clothing as it may destroy delicate fabrics.

This is why, to maintain the quality of your clothes, you need to choose the detergent carefully with the following tips:

  • Determine whether you want a powder or a liquid detergent and keep in mind that liquid detergents are more expensive, but dissolve better than powder in cold water and are better for delicate items.
  • Steer clear of cheap detergents – as in, the cheapest. Inexpensive detergents may be cheaper, but they may also harm your clothing and since they are of less quality, you may require more per load, which isn’t really saving you money.
  • Go for detergents that require fewer amounts per load, even if they are more expensive. You will save more in the long run in having to use less.
  • If you’re using a high efficiency (HE) washing machine, be sure to use an HE detergent. Regular detergents will cause excess suds and may harm your machine.
  • Try to find an environmentally friendly detergent. You’ll know if it is by reading the ingredients label. If the detergent doesn’t contain phosphates, it’s likely better for the environment and your health.
  • To remove stains, look for enzyme-based detergents, which use natural chemicals to treat harsh and difficult stains.
  • Go for low suds detergents as they are less likely to harm your washing machine.
  • For delicate fabrics (e.g. silk and wool) use bleach or enzyme-based detergents or specially made soft detergents.
  • For baby clothes, use hypoallergenic detergents as a baby’s skin is sensitive.
  • For white clothing, use bleach formulated detergents.
  • For coloured clothing, use clothes with brighteners.

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