Attach a pureWash Pro system to your washing machine for cleaner, healthier results

Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet in Kitchener, Ontario, carries the revolutionary pureWash Pro laundry system — a fresh and proven approach for cleaning clothing and household fabrics that significantly reduces the negative effects on your health and the environment.

Used for years by hospitals and hotels, this proven commercial laundry system is now available as an easily installed complement to your residential washing machine. How does pureWash Pro work? The system uses safe and natural oxidation technology — the power of oxygen (ozone) — to lift and eliminate dirt and odour-causing bacteria from your clothing, household fabrics and laundry appliances, using little to no laundry detergent!

The compact pureWash Pro component attaches to the wall behind your washing machine. The water supply to your machine is simply rerouted through the water supply hose to the system for the natural oxidation process to take place, and then into your machine for the cleansing cycle.

The system can be used with both top-loading and front-loading machines, and is safe for use with septic systems. PureWash Pro recommends the installation of a water softener for water supplies with high mineral content or if using well water. Your experienced sales representative will provide guidance for the best possible results for your purchase.

With the pureWash Pro system, you may be able to reduce or eliminate entirely the use of detergents for your laundry. A reduction in chemicals means less irritation for sensitive skin as well as fewer pollutants in our water supply.

The sanitizing properties of the pureWash Pro system also eliminate mould and odour-causing bacteria in your washing machine, reducing maintenance and enhancing efficiency.

For more information regarding the pureWash Pro system, contact the Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet by phone at 519-749-9992 or 519-745-4737, or email Visit the showroom from Monday to Saturday at 407 Gage Avenue, Unit 4, in Kitchener for a demonstration!