Your kitchen’s triple threat; how your dishwasher saves you time, energy and money

Your dishwasher is probably the most appreciated appliance in a home; performing the tedious and time consuming task of cleaning dirty dishes. While your dishwasher is hard at work, you can spend time socializing with guests after dinner or leave the house to run an important errand. Following these tips will ensure the cleanest dishesContinue Reading →

Preparing a turkey on the barbecue

Why not try something a little different this Thanksgiving? Keep your oven free for tasty side dishes by grilling your turkey—yes, the whole turkey—with this mouth-watering solution. This barbecued turkey recipe from produces a smoky flavour and crisp skin. For the brine: 1 cup kosher salt 1 lemon, halved 1 orange, halved 1 onion,Continue Reading →