Barbequing Made Easy

Barbecuing is the quintessential medium for cooking in the summer and your deck or patio is likely the hub of your social gatherings when the weather is hot. When you have a lot of people over for dinner, barbecuing is a great option because the grill is large enough to handle a lot of items, and you can still be outside with your guests while dinner is being prepared.

But entertaining still can take up a lot of time and be a bit stressful without the right preparation, and the last thing you want is added stress when you have a house full of guests. For a timesaver, you can purchase your meat selections the week before the barbecue is taking place and freeze it with the marinade so that all you have to do the day of the barbecue is thaw it and place it on the grill. The added marinating time can’t hurt the flavour and tenderness of the meat either!

Your marinade could be as simple as a bottle of barbecue sauce from the store or an easy mix of Worcestershire and seasonings. Of course, you can also try something new and exotic that might wow your guests. There is a marinade that hails from Spain called chimichurri sauce made with parsley, garlic, oil, vinegar and red pepper flakes that’s a great combination of sweet and spicy. You can even make it spicier with other flavours like paprika, oregano, cumin, thyme, lemon and bay leaf.

If you also have your salad and side dishes prepped in advance, then all you have to do when your guests arrive is make sure that their drinks are always topped and the music selection is loud enough for your patio party.

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