Preparing a turkey on the barbecue

Why not try something a little different this Thanksgiving? Keep your oven free for tasty side dishes by grilling your turkey—yes, the whole turkey—with this mouth-watering solution. This barbecued turkey recipe from produces a smoky flavour and crisp skin. For the brine: 1 cup kosher salt 1 lemon, halved 1 orange, halved 1 onion,Continue Reading →

Homemade chocolate spread

Nutella – the loveable chocolate spread – has been a longtime favourite of kids and adults alike; if you want to enjoy a bit of a chocolate treat make your own version of this popular chocolate spread at home with your oven and food processor from Metro Karges. Homemade chocolate spread Ingredients: 1 1/2 cupContinue Reading →

Baking and browning to perfection

Baking requires precision and astute attention to the recipe or else disaster could strike. And while the following the recipe is important, so too is proper baking and browning once your pan of baked goods is in the oven. Baking is a finicky process (though well worth it!) and complications can sometimes arise… Have youContinue Reading →

Zesty style potato salad

Salads are one of those classic side dishes that complete any meal, especially during the summer with fresh ingredients and so many options for toppings and dressings. But nothing says summer potluck comfort food like potato salad, which combines the best of a garden salad and the starchiness of potatoes all in one. Try ourContinue Reading →

Marinate meat before grilling

With summer on its way, you’re not doubt raring to fire up the barbecue if you haven’t already. While good cuts of meat with be delicious on their own with a bit of seasoning and the right grilling or smoking methods, they can only be made better with a delicious marinade. This is because marinadesContinue Reading →

Time-saving kitchen strategies

Today’s fast paced lifestyle is all about maximizing time, and for some people, making food is one of those things that they just don’t seem to have time for, which may end up in poor food choices that lack the nutrients our bodies need. But, with the right preparation strategies, making meals doesn’t have toContinue Reading →