Chill out

Fridges are an important appliance to have when it comes to keeping food fresh and this is especially true for at-home gatherings, not just in relation to food, but beverages as well.

At Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet, we sell products made for our clients’ lifestyle needs and a fridge is no longer just a fridge as there is one for every need. We offer keg fridges so your beer will stay chilled until the keg is gone. For wine, we also sell wine cellars that can be set to the exact temperature required for both reds and whites and the design is only meant for wine so you’ll always have room for more.

When it comes to main food fridges, we offer a wide range of options. There are models that are designed to maintain accurate temperature for food freshness and some that come equipped with water filtration systems so water and ice is always at your fingertips – a must for any social gathering. No one wants to fumble with ice trays when you’re having a good time.

Though fridges are built well enough to maintain food freshness, there are also some tips that can help you keep your food lasting longer – and fresh food is essential to the success of any party.

  • Store sliced meats, dairy products and fresh produce in the proper drawers in the fridge. Fridge drawers are designed to maintain temperature and/or humidity level at an ideal setting for these foods.
  • Specific types of food, such as fresh produce or packaged meats will last longer in the proper drawers than they would if left in the main part of the fridge.
  • However, fruits and vegetables should be stored in separate drawers as the gas that fruit emits can cause veggies to deteriorate quicker.

For more tips and ideas on how certain appliances can make your party planning easier and more enjoyable for all, check out our website at, phone us at 519-743-3623 or stop by the store at 407 Gage Avenue, Unit #4 in Kitchener.