Choosing the right refrigerator for your space

Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet in Kitchener has a wide selection of refrigerators for you to choose from. All the units are new, but they’re out of their original packaging and may have some type of cosmetic blemish, so they’re offered at a discount.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a new fridge for your home:

•    Size: Before you visit Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet, measure your space. You will need to ensure that there will be clearance on the sides of the fridge for the door to open and for air to circulate properly. You may also want to consider depth, as standard refrigerators are deeper than standard cupboards and this may not suit your needs. You will also want to know which way your door should open, as some models have only the option to open one way.

•    Configuration: There are several different configurations available for refrigerators, including top-mount freezers, bottom-mount freezers and side-by-sides. Your eating habits should have the biggest influence on which style you choose, as the amount of food you freeze or eat fresh will determine what size you require. If you frequently have larger dishes to refrigerate, you’ll want to consider something other than a side-by-side so that dishes will fit. If you have younger or elderly family members, they may have trouble reaching the top of the fridge in a fridge with a bottom-mount freezer. You might also want to look for a model that has adjustable shelving so that it can be configured to fit your needs.

•    Features: Additional features such as water dispensers and ice makers may be important to you. If you do choose this type of fridge, remember that you will need access to a water line to operate these features.

•    Energy savings: Many models are Energy Star rated to help save on your monthly utility bills. Fridges with top-mount freezers typically use less energy than those with bottom-mount freezers.

•    Cost: Traditional-style top-mount freezer refrigerators are typically the least expensive option. If cost isn’t a concern, you may choose to look for a side-by-side or bottom-mount freezer model.

For more help in selecting the right refrigerator for your needs, contactAppliance Scratch & Dent Outlet at 519-749-9992 or send an email to The store is located at 407 Gage Avenue, Unit 4, in Kitchener.