Clean clothes efficiently with high-efficiency washers

Doing laundry is definitely a chore – and a time consuming one at that. So when you set aside an afternoon or evening to do it, you’ll want to make sure you’re not wasting more time than is necessary and ensure that your washing machine is going to do the best job for you and your clothes.

Your best option to begin with is to get a high-efficiency (HE) washer, which is designed to use high-efficiency detergents. If you use regular detergent or too much in an HE washer, then it will produce too many suds, poor rinsing and extended cycle times, which is both unhelpful for you, your time and the clothes you’re trying to get clean and dry.

High-efficiency washers use the same amount of detergent, but less water, which translates to improved cleaning, stain removal and more concentrated cleaning (good news for you and the clothes!).

Traditional washers use a lot of water, which means that the detergent is diluted and may not effectively reach all stains and soils on the clothing. Whereas in an HE washer, you would use less soap and less water. This means that the detergent is delivered directly to the soiled areas on the clothes.

It is recommended that you use a specific detergent with high-efficiency washers (HE detergent provides fewer suds and allows the cleaning agents to go directly to the stains. And it also rinses better). However, if you’re comparing the average cost per load, most HE detergents cost the same as regular detergents and work better so it’s a win-win situation. Look for the HE label on the container to ensure you’re using the right one and getting the most out of your high-efficiency washer.

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