Clothes dryer maintenance for maximum performance and household safety

Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet in Kitchener, Ontario, offers expert dryer repair services for a wide range of brand name gas and electric clothes dryers.

An efficient clothes dryer can simplify the task of having clean, dry clothes when you need them. Maintaining your dryer and keeping it in good repair, however, is also an important consideration for household safety and fire prevention.

Whether gas or electric, to keep your clothes dryer working safely and effectively, ensure that the following steps and routines apply to your appliance:

•    Have your dryer installation carried out by a licensed professional to ensure that the electrical or gas supply, ductwork and ventilation all comply to current building codes.

•    Check that ductwork is made of a smooth metal with a short and direct route to the outside air.

•    Do not dry fabrics that have been in contact with combustible liquids, even after washing.

•    Never run your dryer without a lint screen.

•    Clean the lint screen after every load.

•    Check the outdoor dryer vent flap in the winter and summer for potential blockages, such as piles of snow, leaves, shrubbery or nests.

•    Have a professional inspect and clean dryer ducts and the interior of the dryer cabinet on an annual basis.

•    Be aware of changes in the length of time your dryer takes for an average load. If your dryer begins to take too long for a drying cycle or isn’t producing sufficient heat, stop using it immediately. Book an inspection and repair to ensure the issue is not a safety hazard.

To speak with a certified technician about dryer repair services, or to book an appointment, contact the Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet service department by phone at 519-743-3623.

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