Customize your kitchen for a sleek and polished look

When updating or renovating your kitchen, there are many factors to consider such as budget and time commitment that’s required. Having a clear vision of what you want by incorporating small details that reflect your personal style, and combining it with what you need, can help you make the best use of your kitchen space. Customizing your kitchen by installing a built-in refrigerator, wine fridge/cooler, a professional style range or upscale range hood can instantly add visual interest and a modern flare.

Built-in Refrigerators

A built in refrigerator will create a clean and polished look to your kitchen. Custom sized to fit any space perfectly and designed to match any kitchen decor; this streamlined look is aesthetically pleasing and can suit any personal style and need.  A built in refrigerator is shallower than a standard fridge, allowing for greater access.  Custom models are energy efficient and friendly.

Wine Fridges

For those of us that enjoy wine, consider incorporating a wine fridge or cooler into your kitchen space by building it into a cabinet, under the counter or integrating it into the side of an island. Consult with a designer to help you create a unique way to showcase and store your favourite bottles of Pinot or Chardonnay.

Professional Ranges

For those that love to cook, investing in a professional style range can help to optimize your cooking and baking needs AND look trendy and updated. Choose from built-in wall ovens to easy slide-in designs, for a streamlined and classy look. Dual fuel models incorporate a gas range on top and an electric oven below to allow for heavy duty cooking and stress free baking. Consider installing a ‘pro style’ range that offers a higher BTU output and is extremely heavy duty and durable.

Upscale range hood designs

Hood designs and options are endless depending on personal tastes and the vision you have for your kitchen space; whether it be contemporary, traditional or modern chic. Hoods are available in any shape or size; in stainless steel, glass or other high quality materials and can be mounted high, low or encased in a wooden frame. They are a superb focal point for any kitchen, so don’t be afraid to take some risks and get a little creative.

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