Detergent dispensers and how they work

One of many great features of a high-efficiency (HE) top load washing machine is that is typically has a dispenser that automatically dispenses detergent, liquid chlorine bleach, fabric softener and in some cases, oxi-dispenser for laundry boosters. This ensures that your laundry receives only the amount of detergent and fabric softener that is requires.

To use the dispenser, you need to determine which laundry additives you want to add before you start the machine, then add them to the correct dispenser. The washer then adds the right additives to the load at the proper time during the cycle.

High-efficiency washers are also designed to use only HE detergents, which are more concentrated and require a smaller amount than regular detergents.

When you’re ready to do a load of laundry, measure the required amount of HE detergent and pour it into the dispenser. During the proper time of the cycle, the washer will then flush water through the dispenser, dissolve the detergent and spray the detergent/water mixture onto the load of laundry. The diluted mixture is also much better for your clothes.

The same steps can be taken if you choose to use liquid chlorine bleach, fabric softener or oxi. Simply measure the correct amount according to the manufacturer’s directions, add it to the correct dispenser and let the washer work its magic!

Measuring is key, because overfilling any of the dispensers can cause early dispensing of the additives onto the load of laundry, and that’s not good for your clothes, particularly if the liquid is chlorine.

Now you know how those dispensers work, why it’s important to properly measure and why high-efficiency washers are better on your bills, the longevity of your washing machine and your clothes!

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