Disposing of odours

In the past, we’ve talked about the benefits of using a waste disposal unit. While these units require little maintenance and don’t leave as potent an odour as compost that sits on your counter might, they can leave behind some residue or odour.

Just like any appliance in your home, waste disposal units still need to be cleaned so as to prolong their use and prevent wear and tear.

Though you might wipe out the unit regularly with household cleaners, like anything, some odours might still linger and there’s nothing worse than the smell of garbage and old food in your home when people come to visit – or even for yourself!

To get rid of lingering smells, try running orange or lemon rinds through the disposal unit to help deodorize it. It’s amazing what a little bit of citric acid can do to any surface and the scent of fresh orange or lemon is quite a pleasant one.

Conversely, you could also try generously sprinkling ice cubes with a household scouring powder and running them through the unit without water, which can act as a more abrasive cleaner than simply wiping down the system – so it both removes bad odours and leaves a clean, sweet smell.

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