Disposing of waste safely

More commonly used in the United States, waste (or garbage) disposal units are often known of in Canada but less used as the benefits and functions are not as well known.

This device, usually electrically powered, can be easily installed under your kitchen sink between the drain and trap that shreds the food waste into small pieces so that it can pass through the plumbing system.

These units came to be as it become more widely known that food scraps make up 10 to 20 per cent of household waste and, when not properly disposed of, create problems for public health, sanitation and the environment due to the high water content and the methane gas this waste produces when buried in the landfill.

Therefore, the waste disposal effectively regards food scraps as liquid and uses underground sewers and wastewater treatment plants to manage the contents. This proper disposal also allows modern wastewater plants to capture the methane and re-use it for energy production instead of just leaving it to sit in the landfill and contribute potent greenhouse gases.

Convenient and inexpensive to run, waste disposal units are also very clean, smell and mess-free. It is truly an indispensable kitchen accessory.

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