Electric, Gas or Ceramic? Choosing the right stove for your needs and budget

Whether you’re moving into a new home or renovating, choosing appliances can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, it can often be challenging to select the best product that meets both your cooking needs AND budget.

Electric Coil Range

An electric range uses electricity to heat its range coils and oven. Heat is distributed evenly and can be easily controlled so food doesn’t over or under cook.  Electric ranges are safe and do not produce any noxious fumes. The coils will normally burn ‘red’ in colour when extremely hot and are unsafe to the touch. With few places for food and grease to collect, they are generally easy to clean with all purpose cleaner or soap and water. Electric ranges come in a variety of colours (even retro too!) and sizes to suit any kitchen style.

Remember, since electric ranges run on electricity; it may take a little longer for coils to heat, and your appliance would not be operable during a power failure. Although an electric stove may be less expensive, its operating costs may be higher in the long term.

Gas Range

Gas stoves use propane or natural gas to heat and cook food. They are easy to start and heat immediately.  The temperature can be easily adjusted and food is cooked evenly. They are easy to clean and can still be used during power outages.

Regular maintenance is important to ensure there are no leaks or other safety concerns with your gas stove. Be sure to have your stove properly installed and fitted by a professional. Gas stoves are generally heavier than, and not as portable as an electric.

Ceramic Top

A ceramic top stove is extremely energy efficient, easy to clean and cook on, due to its flat cooking surface. ‘Hot surface’ warning lights ensure safety and lack of coils provide a seamless and simple look to your kitchen.

Ceramic stoves take a little longer to heat up, so allow a little more time for cooking and food preparation.

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