Hand wash versus dishwasher

When you look at the initial cost of purchasing and installing a dishwasher, you might think that it’s less expensive to wash your dishes by hand. Similarly, knowing that a dishwasher runs water for about 45 minutes, you might also think that you waste less water by washing dishes in your sink.

If you think this, then you’ll also be surprised to learn the opposite! Dishwashers actually save you money and time.

A typical dishwasher uses less water than a kitchen sink fill of dishes and water. To be more specific, a dishwasher uses up to two-thirds less water.

If you priced it out annually, a dishwasher would cost less than $35 to operate and considering how much more water you would use to wash your dishes by hand, multiplied by how much your water bill costs, you can bet that you are definitely spending more than $35 per year to wash dishes by hand.

It’s no secret that the hotter the water, the cleaner the dishes will be. Dishwashers run water at 135 degrees Fahrenheit or more, so there’s no need to soak, pre-rinse or scrub dishes.

It’s likely that these facts may have changed your mind on the efficiency of dishwashers, so if you’ve decided that this is the way to go, then you should definitely use powdered detergents instead of gel detergents or tabs as the powdered variety has more active ingredients and therefore works more efficiently to remove tough food stains.

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