How the washer senses load size

One of the many great features of a high-efficiency (HE) top load washing machine is that it detects how big or small a load of laundry is, and in turn, determines how much water is needed for said load. This is both convenient and energy efficient as the washing machine will only use as much water as is needed based on the amount of laundry that’s in the machine.

Some HE washing machines detect laundry load size with a basket inside that floats, which you’ll notice will move as you put your items inside the washer. If the washer is new, this may seem like a problem, but it’s actually normal.

The reason for the washer basket is that it assists with figuring out the load size and determining the proper water usage to ensure optimal cleaning and efficiency. The floating basket also helps determine appropriate agitation profile.

However, in order for this basket to function as intended, you cannot overload it. Not only is this bad for the washing machine, but it’s also not helpful for your clothing as they will likely not be cleaned as well as they could be.

When loading the washer basket, ensure that the top of the load does not go above the top row of the basket holes.

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