How to keep your washing machine clean and odour-free

The experienced team at Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet in Kitchener, Ontario, can provide knowledgeable, helpful guidance in the purchase, care and maintenance of your new washing machine!

Clean machine — clean laundry. Whether you’ve purchased a top-loading or front-loading washing machine, following straightforward maintenance tips will help to keep your appliance clean, odour-free and in top operating condition for many years of spic-and-span clothing and household fabrics.

Start by checking your washing machine’s instruction manual regarding recommended usage and approved cleaning methods and products — which is also important to prevent voiding your warranty — and talk to your experienced Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet service representative about any concerns.

Although top-loading and front-loading washing machines differ in design, all washers benefit from running a monthly cleaning cycle. Simply set the machine on its sanitizing or hot cycle, and add a cup of white vinegar or approved cleaner. Run the cycle on the highest water level without clothing or fabrics. This will not only sanitize the machine, but it can also help to prevent and remove the buildup of hard-water scale residue.

Top-loading machines need very little additional maintenance beyond wiping the lid and fabric softener dispenser.

In front-loading washers, the drum and rubber door seals retain moisture. To prevent odour-causing mould, use a warm, damp cloth to carefully wipe around the door seals, and leave the door open between washing loads to allow the drum and seals to dry out.

Other tips include using the appropriate type and amount of detergent for your machine (use HE detergent formulated for high-efficiency washing machines); don’t allow wet laundry to sit in the machine once the cycle is complete; and consider the installation of a home water softener if your water supply has a high mineral content (hard water).

Another proven approach is the installation of a residential pureWash Prosystem to your washer. This system uses oxygen, not detergent, to eliminate bacteria and mould from fabrics and laundry appliances safely!

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