Hydro rates worthwhile considering with your fridge purchase

Once upon a time, hydroelectricity seemed limitless and cheap, but as we move away from burning fossil fuels towards renewables, and building more capacity, the cost of electricity has inevitably become higher. Hydro is factor we are forced to consider in the total cost of that appliance ‘total cost’ equals purchase cost plus operating cost.)

At Appliance Scratch and Dent Outlet, we take pride in providing brand-name appliances that are operating in top condition, and provide excellent value for money.

Good appliances are built to last. An average freezer lasts 21 years and refrigerators about 17. If you have appliances that are older than the average, consider replacing them with more efficient ones.

Energy Efficiency Saves Money

Energy efficiency is one consideration people have when buying a refrigerator – and age is a factor. How so? Energy efficiency technology has improved over the years such that a 20-year-old fridge, even sitting in the basement as a ‘second’, might be worth looking at in terms of what it is costing you every month in hydro charges.

How much do the electric appliances in my home actually cost you in Hydro usage?
Hydro One has a Hydro appliance energy efficiency calculator here.

Energy saving tips:

  • An uncrowded fridge works more efficiently than a crowded one. Freezers work best when they are two-thirds full.
  • For energy-efficient operation, vacuum condenser coils around refrigerators and freezers at least once every six months. And be sure to unplug the units first for safety’s sake.
  • Do not use extension cords for major appliances. Extension cords are not only poorly suited, but can present a fire hazard.
  • Do you have an old fridge in the basement or at the cottage? It could be a real energy hog. Either replace or unplug it when you don’t need it. You’ll see a big difference in your electricity bill.
  • If you require a stand-alone freezer, consider chest freezers as they are more efficient than upright ones.
  • Position refrigerators and freezers away from heat sources such as direct sunlight, the stove or the dishwasher.
  • The best temperature to set the refrigerator section is about 3°C (37°F). The freezer should be about -18°C (0°F). Check your refrigerator’s door seal by closing the door on a $5 bill. If it’s held tightly in place, the seal’s OK. If not, the door should be adjusted or the seal replaced.

In summary, the cost of operating your household appliances typically makes up 15 per cent of your total energy bill. And since some of them run all the time, it’s worth thinking about choosing and using appliances as wisely as possible.

You can manage the ‘second price tag’ of your appliances by choosing wisely to return savings year after year, and the brand-name appliances at Appliance Scratch and Dent Outlet in Kitchener allow you to benefit from both a lower sticker price and great performance.