Inducting induction cooking into your life

In terms of a stove top, induction cooking is a newer method of technology that’s different from all the others in that it doesn’t generate heat that’s transferred to the cooking vessel, it makes the vessel the original generator of the heat.

In other words, the stove burner consists of a powerful, high-frequency electromagnet and when a magnetic material – such as a skillet – is placed on the magnetic field, the element/burner transfers the energy into the skillet, which causes it to become hot.

With induction cooking, the strength of the electromagnetic field can be controlled, and in turn, so can the amount of heat being generated into the cooking vessel, and this amount can be instantly changed.

This form of flameless cooking has its advantages over conventional gas and electric stoves as it provides rapid heating, improved thermal efficiency, and greater heat consistency, as well as precise control.

In terms of energy efficiency, there is no doubt that an induction stove top offers a high efficiency power transfer into the cooking vessel and allows the food to heat faster. Induction cookers are also known to be safer than conventional cookers to use as they do not contain open flames.

The control system on an induction cooker also shuts down the element if a pot is not present or large enough, which is both energy efficient and safe. Plus, the cooking surface on an induction stove is easy to clean because it’s flat and smooth.

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