Keeping your beer cool and your fridge free

Throwing a party involves many elements, from preparing a menu to cleaning your house and everything in between. That’s why it’s always nice to find items that can help make the entertaining easier for you so you can relax and enjoy the party, ensuring that your guests are already taken care of.

If you’ve ever hosted a large party where you required a lot of beer, then you know it’s much more convenient to allow guests to serve themselves from the beer keg rather than having to keep stocking the fridge or cooler with beer bottles or cans. But the problem with kegs is that they’re large and hard to chill if you don’t have the right vessel and amount of ice – especially if the keg is going to be sitting outside on a sunny summer afternoon. That’s a lot of ice that you’ll still be running to refill all day and night!

That’s why we offer lifestyle products, such as the chill ‘n’ tap keg cooler. This cooler is a stylish, compact fridge that accommodates quarter and half kegs so it frees up space in your regular fridge or other vat that you’d have to find to store it in. It also reduces the clutter of bottles and cans.

In addition to being stylish AND practical, the chill ‘n’ tap keg cooler has a reversible stainless steel door that can be adjusted to fit your space. The fridge is a reasonable size, too, so you could fit it neatly behind your bar or in your garage if you plan to use it a lot for summer parties.

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