Maintaining your kitchen appliances

Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet in Kitchener knows that purchasing a new appliance for your home is a major investment. After spending your hard-earned money on a fridge, dishwasher or range, you want to ensure that you take care of your appliance to help it operate efficiently for as long as possible.

Here are some tips on how to properly maintain and care for some appliances in your home:

•    Refrigerators: Your refrigerator uses a large amount of energy to keep your food cold. By properly maintaining your fridge, you will ensure that it is operating efficiently and uses only the necessary energy. Regularly cleaning your fridge’s gaskets and checking for tears and cracks will help to ensure a proper seal is maintained around the door, keeping the cold air in the fridge where it belongs. Apply seal conditioner to the gaskets to keep them soft and prevent cracking. Clean behind your fridge to help with air flow. Vacuum to remove dust from condenser coils and from behind the grill. If you hear any strange noises, such as rattling, buzzing or squeaking, have your fridge looked at to prevent future problems.

•    Dishwashers: Your dishwasher also has gaskets around the door that should be cleaned regularly and checked for cracks and tears. If these gaskets are loose or cracked, you may end up with a dishwasher that leaks when operating. Regularly clean the filter on the bottom of the dishwasher to ensure there isn’t a buildup of food particles; this will help your dishwasher to get your dishes as clean as possible. Inspect your detergent dispenser regularly to ensure it is functioning properly.

•    Ranges: Check your cooking elements regularly for any damage. Clean the insides of your oven regularly using natural products to avoid having to clean with harsh chemicals. Use baking soda and vinegar on a weekly basis to clean the bottom and sides of your oven, which will allow for a clean oven without the use of chemicals.

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