Maintaining your refrigerator water filter

It’s already been discussed how much better for your health and the environment filtered water is, but to ensure that this water is up to its standards and the refrigerator water filter is working to the best of its ability, you also need to maintain the water dispenser, starting with replacing the water filter.

This process will vary depending in your refrigerator model, but for a bottom mount refrigerator, start by locating the water filter cover in the upper right corner of the fridge interior.

The filter cover will have either a push or pull release. If yours is a push-style filter cover, release the cover by pushing the tab downward so the cover hangs from the back at an angle. If it’s a pull-style, release the cover by pulling the tab toward the front so the filter hangs from the back at an angle.

Newer fridges have blue bypass caps on the inside of the filter opening, which you’ll need to remove but hold on to for future use.

To replace the used filter, unscrew and remove the cartridge and turn it counterclockwise until it releases; then pull straight out. Discard the used filter cartridge. Remove the new filter from its packaging and pull the seal off the end.

With the screw threads facing toward the back, align the new filter with the opening in the refrigerator and push in. Turn the filter clockwise approximately one quarter of a turn until the filter stops.

Close the filter cover by lightly lifting it from underneath and pressing upward until it snaps shut. Before you can begin using your water line again, you will need to purge air from the system.

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