Post-Christmas potlucks

With Christmas time being so busy and increasingly so, each year it seems that more and more people decide to save their get-togethers until after the holiday rush – some even carrying into February.

While it can be helpful to spread the gatherings out, you no doubt still have a lot of festivities planned in December, which can leave you tired and drained come January. If you still have some holiday parties to host and/or attend, we suggest going with a potluck.

A potluck means that you only have to cook one appetizer or entrée and clean up your own dishes. It also means you have a bit of control over what you eat so that if you’re sufficiently stuffed after all of the Christmas feasts, you can make something lighter and stick to that at the potluck.

If you’re the one hosting the potluck, be sure there is ample room in your refrigerator to store perishable items until dinner time. In addition, now is the perfect time to use the warming drawer in your oven and the warming function on your stove to keep casseroles and heated appetizers warm. If you’re running out of room there – there’s always the microwave oven.

If dessert is what you’re going for, you can always make large batches before Christmas and freeze them until the post-Christmas gathering. Or, if you seemed to collect a lot of boxes of chocolates this year, store some in the freezer and bring them to the potluck as a gift for the host. Just be sure to thaw any pre-made or purchased items well before the party so no one will know your secret and think it’s all fresh!

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