Pre and post-party cleaning

Hosting a get together can be a joyous pastime – you get to pick the theme, the menu, the decorations and everyone gets to come to you. But, this also means it can be a lot of work, especially the dreaded pre and post-party clean-up.

Pre-party clean-up means making sure the house is spic and span for guests, toilet paper is stocked and windows can be looked through. But most of us only think about the visible parts and forget about those places that might be more hidden – like the oven. Presumably, your oven is not something you clean after every use or even every time you clean – maybe just after really big messes or once every few months to keep up. Therefore, it might be forgotten in your general cleaning and there would be nothing more embarrassing than having an old, burnt smell appear while you’re cooking food for your anticipated guests. At the same time, with everything else on your pre-party to-do list, you might not have enough elbow grease to put into cleaning the oven.

This is where a self-cleaning or steam clean range comes in very handy. The latter removes light food spills and saves time and energy compared to you having to do it yourself. To avoid mineral deposits and water spots that tap water can leave, we recommend distilled or filtered water for this process, which can easily be found at any grocery store.

Before steam cleaning your oven, remove all racks and accessories and close the door (you may want to scrub the racks a bit while you have them out, too). Press the “steam clean” button to start the cleaning process. When the “add water” symbol appears in the display, open the oven door and add 10 oz of distilled or filtered water to the bottom of the oven. Close the door and press start. After 20 minutes a sound will signal the end of the cycle. Once the cycle has finished, press the cancel/off button to clear the display.

Remove any excess water from the oven with a sponge or cloth. Then wipe down the entire interior to ensure that the oven is clean. Heavier food spills and stains may still require the self clean cycle, but this will at least ensure that the oven is spic and span for your upcoming party.

Post-party clean-up can also be made easier with an 18 or 24-inch dishwasher that will fit just about all of the dishes you and your guests dirty. No rinsing required – just fill it up and turn it on.

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