Refrigerators – Style and Substance

The ‘style’ of a refrigerator you choose need not be just how it looks – but based on function, how it will be used, familiarity, and even the kitchen layout you have. We invite you to come down to our showroom to get a hands-on sense of how your choice fits your needs.

Bottom vs. Top Freezer compartment

There is a lot of debate about which style is superior. Often, it seems to come down to personal preference.

Top freezers are usually swing-out doors, with a large open space, which can be separated by shelves and ice compartments.

Bottom freezers are typically pull-out drawers that have a couple of sliding wire baskets to make the most use of the space.

People often comment that since they open the fridge most often, they appreciate not having to bend down just to see what is inside – core of the contents of the refrigerator are close to eye-level. Which potentially means you can keep the door open for shorter periods if items are faster to access.

One customer likes a bottom freezer drawer because it keeps her toddlers out of the fridge. They can’t reach the doors!

However, if you access the freezer frequently, then that becomes an advantage to have it up at adult eye level, with the vegetable crisper drawers down low.

The Great Side-by-side Debate

There is an obvious trade-off with the two styles: one is composed of large open compartments, the other of taller, narrow compartments.

Also, one has a large single swinging door, the other has shorter doors that may provide more space in a narrow kitchen, or simply space for people to pass behind in your busy family kitchen! Take a good look at the space you are planning for, and those issues may make your choice clearer.

Organization is always a big factor in making the best use of any space. Are there drawers that pull out to allow full access to the full depth of the storage space in your fridge? Is the crisper of sufficient size to accommodate what you need to store – heads of lettuce or leafy vegetables, bags of carrots or washed greens?

A further consideration is an ice or water dispenser option. These are commonplace on side-by-side freezer/refrigerator combos as the less-frequently opened door doubles as a water station. If you drink a lot of water, or frequently top up your icy drinks, this can be a major convenience feature. Be aware of the trade-off that has to be made for the ice-maker mechanism – it tends to use up some of the freezer space, and requires a water hook-up.

French Door style

One style that is more modern and not seen as often, is the French Door refrigerator style. This name refers to a pair of side-by-side doors, opening up on the one big fridge compartment.

The practical considerations here are that a narrow kitchen is not totally obstructed by opening up one big door. You could argue that more cold air stays in the fridge as the smaller width door is opened, to just grab the milk jug for instance. These models typically include one or two freezer drawers as well.

There are more choices today in what used to be a one-choice decision! We’d be happy to help you walk through those considerations when you visit our Appliance Scratch and Dent Outlet in Kitchener to look at what we have for you!