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Privacy And Your Rights:

Under certain laws, you have several rights guaranteed to you designed to protect your personal information and your right to privacy.

  • Effective Jan. 1, 2004, all companies that collect, use or disclose personal information about Canadian citizens during the course of commercial activities have to comply with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
  • The act requires businesses to offer Canadian citizens certain guarantees regarding the collection and use of personal data.
  • The law requires companies to have online consumer-consent screens and policies, call center procedures, and processes for recording and maintaining consent records clearly stated.
  • It requires companies to protect the physical integrity of collected data with adequate security and privacy measures.
  • It is a violation to collect data in Canada and then transfer it out of the country, unless that transfer carries with it the same level of protection that’s required in Canada.

Appliance Scratch and Dent respects these rights, and has prepared this document with the purpose of informing all web site visitors what happens to the personal information gathered from this web site.

If you are requesting information via email, or are using our web site Contact Form, please note the following ..

  • Appliance Scratch and Dent does not employ or use internet “cookies” to gather or obtain information from people visiting this web site.
  • Appliance Scratch and Dent does not loan, rent, or sell customer records or any other personal information to third parties of any description.
  • If you fill out an online form at this web site, you may be asked to indicate any or all of the following information about yourself :Your Name, Address, City, Province or State, Telephone Number, and Email AddressThese types of information are considered personal. We request this information from you in order to know who you are, where you are from, and how to contact you with a reply to your inquiry.
  • Our online forms electronically forward your information from the web site to the Appliance Scratch and Dent store via email.
  • Your information is received and stored on a computer at the store which is connected to the internet. That computer is not connected to any network or other computer device at the store or elsewhere.
  • In relation to security and security measures, note that this computer has installed both an active “Hardware based Firewall” — and a secondary “Software based Firewall”.
  • (The combination of two Firewall systems help guard the computer against outside influences such as “computer hackers”, autobots, or other possible means to cause malicious harm, specifically towards the purpose of stealing information which may be stored on this computer.
  • The Firewall systems are checked frequently, and in the case of the Software, updated on a regular basis. Following updates, the Software scans the computer daily for signs of any irregularities.
  • Your information may be stored for up to 120 days for the purpose of tracking customer requests for information. Information inquiries may be in relation to either service or sales. With sales in particular, that may include Price Quotes which may be forwarded by email.
  • The only people at Appliance Scratch and Dent who have access to your personal information, are persons employed in the Sales division, and/or, the Service Manager in the Service department.
  • Be aware that .. Your personal information is purged (deleted) from this computer periodically to ensure that safety guidelines are met on a continuous basis and that your privacy is respected.
  • It is within your right to ask to have your personal information removed at any time.

For further assistance, please contact the Appliance Scratch and Dent Outlet web site administrator by email.  Note that this document about  Privacy has been indicated to you as a matter of public record.

Privacy Related Links:

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