Too many bubbles

High-efficiency (HE) washers do use less energy and water, but they’re designed to do so in conjunction with the proper products that allow them to work properly. This includes special HE detergents. Using regular detergent, or too much detergent, will result in excess suds and error codes, poor rinsing, and extended cycle times, which defeats the purpose of it being high-efficiency.

As the HE washer runs a cycle, the indicated amount of HE detergent will produce a minimal amount of suds, while regular detergent tend to produce excess suds. Too many suds mean that the washer won’t be able to spin the excess suds out of the load, which is inefficient for both your clothes and energy use.

With an HE washer, it will indicate to you when excess suds are being produced with an error code of “Sd” or “Sud”. This will appear during the rinse cycle. Pauses and stops are normal when excess suds are being removed as the machine adds water and stops tumbling to allow time for bubbles to break. When this occurs, let the cycle continue.

If the error code remains at the end of the wash cycle, the washer has failed to correct the problem on its own so you will need to correct it by pressing “cancel” twice to clear the display. Then select “rinse & spin” to remove any remaining suds; then press “start” again to restart the cycle.

If cancel doesn’t work, safely unplug the washer or disconnect the power for one minute. Then plug it back in or reconnect the power, re-select the “rinse & spin” cycle and press “start”.

For best results when using your high-efficiency washer, use only HE detergents and measure the amount according to the manufacturer’s directions.

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