Weighing down the washer

People often save up loads of laundry for “laundry night”, which means that you likely have larger loads. And while we understand that you probably want to get it all done with before you’re ready to tuck yourself in, there are restrictions on how many clothes you can put in the washing machine and overloading it may cause the clothes, or the machine itself, to be ruined.

To fill most washing machines without causing damage you should fill the washer with dry clothes only until the amount of clothes you put in reaches the top of the agitator. While you might think that you can fit more in if you just squish some of the clothes down, this is not recommended as it may result in a poor quality wash.

Once the machine is properly full of clothes, fill it to the appropriate line for the amount of clothing you have put into it. Do not overfill as this may result in mechanical issues and then you have a way bigger problem than the fact that laundry is taking up too much of your night.

Following these simple suggestions will ensure that your clothes come out their best and your washing machine performs at its best, too.

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