What the Energy Star symbol is all about

You’ve probably seen the Energy Star symbol and name pop up a lot on appliances, at businesses and maybe even in your own home, particularly in recent years. But since we get asked a lot what the symbol stands for and why customers should choose Energy Star products, we thought we’d fill you in on some of the details in case you were wondering, too.

Basically, Energy Star is the international symbol for energy efficiency, which is something that many more consumers are on the lookout for in this environmentally conscious society. The symbol allows consumers to quickly identify appliances that use less energy than those without the symbol.

The great thing about Energy Star is that it’s not just consumer-driven – it’s a government and industry partnership that makes it easy for both businesses and consumers to save money while protecting the environment.

Though it began in the U.S., Energy Star eventually came to Canada. Here, it’s a voluntary arrangement between Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency and organizations that manufacture, sell or promote products that meet the Energy Star levels of performance.

Within Energy Star is the EnerGuide, which rates appliances on various levels of energy consumption and helps Canadian consumers compare the energy consumption of one product versus another.

For you, purchasing products with the Energy Star symbol means that you’re saving money on utility bills, energy, reducing air pollution and still getting a great quality product.

By using less energy than non-Energy Star rated products, Energy Star products create fewer greenhouse gas emissions and reduce other pollutants that contribute to problems such as urban smog and acid rain.

Now you know. To learn more about Energy Star and what it means for you, your appliances and your environment, visit the Office of Energy Efficiency website or talk to one of the knowledgeable sales people at Appliance Scratch & Dent Outlet at 519-743-3623  or just stop by during our business hours at 407 Gage Avenue, Unit #4 in Kitchener.