Your kitchen’s triple threat; how your dishwasher saves you time, energy and money

Your dishwasher is probably the most appreciated appliance in a home; performing the tedious and time consuming task of cleaning dirty dishes. While your dishwasher is hard at work, you can spend time socializing with guests after dinner or leave the house to run an important errand. Following these tips will ensure the cleanest dishes with every wash and ensure your washer runs smoothly and efficiently.

Energy saving Tips

  • Quickly pre-rinse your dishes if there is a lot of food that needs to be removed or if you anticipate it won’t come off in the wash.  Newer dishwashers are equipped to remove even the most stubborn stuck-on foods, so eliminate any unnecessary water usage with pre-rinsing when possible.
  • Run your dishwasher when it is full, to minimize use of water and electricity and avoid overloading to get the optimal clean from each wash.
  • Use the right cycle for your wash and let your dishes air dry when possible to help reduce energy used to run the ‘heated’ dry.

Spots ‘be gone’!

  • Use the right detergent and avoid using too much product. Excess detergent will eventually build up on the walls of your machine causing it to run less efficiently. The right detergent will ensure you’re only doing the same load of dishes once.
  • Use a water spot agent such as ‘Jet Dry’ to reduce spots on glassware. Looking for a homemade solution – try filling the rinse agent reservoir with vinegar instead!
  • Check your water softener (if you have one). Spots tend to increase when your softener salt levels are running low.

Stack bigger dishes to the outside of your washer and smaller items towards the middle to ensure water flows freely and evenly during the wash. Keep plastic items away from any heated elements. Glasses and other fragile items should be kept to the upper racks to avoid being broken or shattered from the water pressure. Cutlery can be placed in the designated racks with the handles down, being mindful of any sharp knives.

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